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KontactGlobal is a present-day business & knowledge process outsourcing, education counselling and management consulting company that sees potential in every business and every individual around the world.

Why KontactGlobal?

We have witnessed the world change. But what has caught our eye, is not so just the change itself but the authors of change. Championing the (r)evolution are the leaders of tomorrow. We are keen to offer our expertise to such champions globally who have the potential to transform the future.

We understand that no solution fits all. Thus, our goal is to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate with you to chart the course to your success that suits you best.

Our Services

KontactGlobal services follow a threefold structure:

At the KontactGlobal call centre, one of our opmost priorities is providing our customers with personalised and customer-centric solutions.

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KontactGlobal prides itself on its business expertise. We identify your strengths and resolve your concerns to drive your business toward steady, sustainable growth. We look forward to assisting you with all aspects of business - strategy, management, client and customer service, value-creation, sales and marketing.

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Our experts understand how to fuel ambitions. We elevate your efforts by designing a trajectory of action that will bring you closer to your dreams. We start from the ground up with career counselling and recommendations, and guide you through the processes of planning, decision-making, and preparing for your future.

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Our services are guided by industry experts with a singular focus on helping you succeed. We look forward to bringing you holistic career and business solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Meet Kaustubh Sonalkar
Chief Mentor, KontactGlobal

Kaustubh is Director, IHRIM (International Association for Human Resource Information management), USA. Previously, he has been an Advisory Board member – Vantage Circle - USA, Director on Board – PP Foundation - India, and is also the Co - Founder, WISE Trust (Gender, sustainability, empowerment) - India.

Throughout his career, Kaustubh has merged 26 years of business and leadership experience with thoughtful people management to achieve a sense of collective success. Having worked and implemented programs across more than 48 countries including in the UK, Africa, Middle East and Asia, Kaustubh aims to leverage his expertise through KontactGlobal, to steer you and your business toward a future that you can take charge of.

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