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With our expert BPO and KPO services, ensure that you and your customers are well-guided at all times.

We understand the importance of a comprehensive support system. While we work closely with you in resolving your core concerns, we are aware that you need additional support.

The KontactGlobal Business and Knowledge Process Outsourcing assist you in communicating all of your peripheral business and knowledge needs. Our activities are designed keeping in mind global standards. We aim to provide you flexible, instant, and informed solutions.

What we offer:

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Your education journey begins with finding a career that you are keen about. We work with you to find the right options for you to explore so that you can make the best decision for your future.

Our BPO services include:

  • Customer service

  • Human resources

  • Technical support

  • Financial services

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

Our KPO department is focused on providing you specialised, expert knowledge solutions including market research, data analysis and financial advisory among others.

Our KPO services include:

  • Market research

  • Data analysis

  • Financial advisory

Know more about our BPO services

Customer service:
Designed to enable your growth, our customer service team is insightful and adept in understanding your business needs. We offer services such as inbound communication, outbound communication, chat support, email customer support, feedback calls, as well as a dedicated call centre.

Human resources:
With deep experience in people management and administration, we take care of your people so that you can focus on maximising their productivity. You can preserve your time and resources by allowing us to look after talent acquisition and retention, recruitment, training, supporting, and managing your employees.

Technical support:
Our technical services act as the first backbone to your business communications and customer experience. We utilise technologies like automation and AI to leverage customer data, provide timely solutions preempting and monitoring concerns and make informed recommendations. Our technical services focus on providing a tech helpdesk, helping configuration and navigation, installation, diagnostic, and troubleshooting.

Financial services:
We offer a cutting edge financial services infrastructure to help you with financial analysis, accounting, supply chain management, and risk management. Our technologically advanced infrastructure provides secure financial services to encourage operational efficiency.

Know more about our KPO services

Market research:
We deploy the best research techniques to gather detailed and relevant market intelligence to enhance your business. Our market research services expand across the global business landscape while also remaining focused on consumer trends and behaviours. We ensure maximum coverage, sturdy planning, and provide you a comprehensive strategy based on quality market research.

Data analysis:
We leverage our expertise to bring you updated, perceptive data insights that best inform your business practices. We are also aware of the vastness of data analysis required and thus, we deliver both prescriptive and descriptive analytics. Our data analysis services specialise in cloud computing, data leaks, big data, and data science.

Financial advisory:
Our financial advisory services are designed to guide your financial structures. We follow a comprehensive approach across all aspects of your business to determine where and how you should invest to maximise growth. We walk you through your assets, vulnerabilities, business survival with respect to economic conditions and market trends. We ensure that your financial path is secure and leads you to success.

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