Find opportunities around the globe.

We are aware that information is abundant. However, our job is to curate it for you. KontactGlobal’s education and career centre is founded on two key principles:

Wherever in the world you are, at KontactGlobal, we are with you through the entirety of your education journey. With multi-cultural understanding and a global perspective, we help you identify where your best fit lies. We offer informed guidance based on a thorough assessment of your academic experience, skills, interests, and aspirations. We use this assessment to help you choose courses and programs that are compatible with your educational goals. Our range of educational services is created to suit diverse requirements.

What we offer:

Career counselling

Your education journey begins with finding a career that you are keen about. We work with you to find the right options for you to explore so that you can make the best decision for your future.

Course/university advice

There are numerous universities across the world that offer excellent courses and programs. We help you with the crucial step of identifying courses that suit your educational and professional requirements.

Admission guidance

Application processes can be varied and complicated. We guide you through the complete application process to ensure that your potential as a student is recognised.

Pre-admission guidance

There are many things to prepare for before admission processes can begin. We help you through all the prerequisites before you start applying to the course of your choice.

KontactGlobal is with you through each step of the way towards your education goals.